Bonjour, 2015!


It’s that time of year. Time to take out 2014’s resolutions, see how far we’ve come and start setting new goals for 2015. Of course, everyone’s resolutions will be different, but here’s one we think everyone should have: start writing more. That’s right, pick up that pen or pencil and exercise that right to write. When we stop to think about how much of our world revolves around la technologie now, it’s actually pretty disappointing.

Why make to-do lists when an iPad can easily make a list? Why write a letter when there’s email? Why write a birthday card when there are already a million options pre-made for us? Here’s why: handwriting is good for you.

Not only is it a unique form of self-expression, but according to The Wall Street Journal, handwriting affects cognitive development and exercises memory circuits. The unique strokes and pressures made when a pen hits the paper send messages to the brain that train it in vision and sensation. Plus, it’s just always nice to add that personal touch.

We don’t know about you, but we plan on executing this New Year’s resolution the chicest way possible with Christian Lacroix’s Glam’azonia agenda. Ivory paper, silver gilded page edges, and an abundance of colorful patterns– what’s not to love? It’s almost too pretty to write in… almost. How will you resolve to write a little more?

Bisous Bisous

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