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    Bonjour, 2015!

    HOME It’s that time of year. Time to take out 2014’s resolutions, see how far we’ve come and start setting new goals for 2015. Of course, everyone’s resolutions will be different, but here’s one we think everyone should have: start writing more. That’s right, pick up that pen or pencil and exercise that right to write. [More]
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    Charmed by Charlotte

    ACCESSORIES Sometimes she’s inspired by nature, sometimes by places she’s traveled, sometimes by interesting fabrics with unique textures. Charlotte, the mastermind behind apparel and accessory brand Charlotte Sometime, grew up in a small village near Angers among a forest of birch trees along a misty river. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? So, it comes as no surprise [More]
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    Geometry Meets Leather

    JEWELRY & ACCESSORIES If you’re as obsessed with unique and simple jewelry as we are (less is always more, n’est ce pas?) then we know you’ve already fallen in love with Aurélie Damedey’s creations. Originally from Avignon, her brand Dame D is known for geometric designs and incorporating leather in creative ways. We spoke with the 28-year-old designer [More]
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    ‘Tis the Season for Studio 78

    BEAUTY By now, you probably have all your holiday outfits planned, and of course you’ll want the perfect makeup to go with them. It’s always tricky when it comes to makeup. Usually we like to go with less is more, and sometimes we might feel a little guilty when we clog our pores more than usual [More]
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    The Chicest of Keepsakes

    ACCESSORIES We’ve all been there. We travel somewhere beautiful and we want to bring back a million things with us to remember it all and share it with friends and family, but nothing really seems worth it. Caught up in the heat of the moment, it’s easy to end up purchasing these things anyway, even if [More]
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    Meet Tassia Canellis

    JEWELRY & ACCESSORIES It’s not every day a seven-year Art Director at an advertising agency decides to devote themselves to jewelry design, but that’s just what Tassia Canellis did. For Canellis, it was about being more hands-on, more tactic with her art. Canellis, 36, hails from the South of France and now lives in Paris, where she has [More]
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    Truffle Deviled Eggs

    EPICURE If there’s one thing we love in our nourriture, it’s truffle. There’s no denying the culinary power of this small, not-so-pretty fungus. One of our favorite ways to incorporate the taste of truffle into our meals in a subtle way is by using truffle salt. It’s the perfect way to season without having the strong [More]
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    A Moment with Sophie Pfeffer

    JEWELRY & ACCESSORIES For Sophie Pfeffer, creativity and a sharp wit have always come naturally. Ever since her childhood years in Paris, creating something unique she could call her own was something Pfeffer longed for. After successfully practicing law for 10 years, she decided to do something completely different, and voila! 5 octobre was born. “I really loved [More]
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    Luxury Hair Care with Myriam K Paris

    BEAUTY A good look, no matter how elegant or laid back, is from head to toe, starting with your hair. Nobody knows this better than Parisian gal Myriam Keremane. Her luxury hair care brand, Myriam K Paris, has quickly become a hit in France since opening in 2003. Growing up in her mother’s salon, Keremane developed [More]
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    Music, Leather and Motorcycles- Meet Pierre Yang-Chung

    ACCESSORIES Pierre Yang-Chung is anything but your ordinary designer. Although his brand 1951 Maison Française stemmed from the family leather business when his grandfather first arrived to France, Yang-Chung has an array of interests. While his grandfather and father usually focus on belts, belts and more belts, Yang-Chung likes to play with different colors and textures [More]
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    One Tea to Rule Them All

    EPICURE When one thinks of Paris, it’s not uncommon to think of sitting at a café sipping on, well, café. But you might be surprised to learn that teatime is not just for the English. C’est vrai, Parisians are quite fond of their tea. There’s multiple salons de thé around the city where both tourists and [More]