One Tea to Rule Them All


When one thinks of Paris, it’s not uncommon to think of sitting at a café sipping on, well, café. But you might be surprised to learn that teatime is not just for the English. C’est vrai, Parisians are quite fond of their tea. There’s multiple salons de thé around the city where both tourists and natives alike indulge in delicious pastries with a cup or two of warm tea. Since we love our tea just as much as we love our coffee, we thought we would share a little bit about one of our favorite tea brands. C’est Le Bénéfique, et c’est magnifique!

Created in Paris, Le Bénéfique is about as natural as tea gets. Each sprig is handpicked in the mountains. The plants undergo no transformation; the only process is drying them out a bit to ensure they stay in tact. So, with that first sip, you’re getting something organic, great tasting and rich in nutrients for your body. What could be better?

Its first ever line of herbal teas, which is featured in our first parcel, is called the Sultan Soliman Herbal Tea. History has it that the great Sultan lived so long due to his daily consumption of tea, so it’s only fitting that this collection of Lavander, Mountain Sage, Thyme, and Linden be named after him.

If it weren’t for all the health benefits, like protecting against cancer, improving blood circulation, and even relieving the lungs of asthma and more, we would love Le Bénéfique simply for its great taste and unique presentation. There’s something about stirring those little sprigs in a cup of hot water. It’s like making a magic potion and in a way, you are.

Here are some places to find Le Bénéfique in the lovely City of Lights: Bulma, M.O.B, Pousse Pousse, Rossi&C, La Grande Epicerie de Paris, La Ruche, Les Enfants perdus, Pimlico, and MACIS!

To discover other places in France or even abroad where Le Bénéfique can be found visit!

Bisous Bisous

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