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    Everything You’ve Ever Dreamed Of

    HOME Think of delicious cider made from fresh, crisp apples. Think of just baked bread warm and fluffy as your teeth sink into it. Think of the greatest seafood in the world. Think of farmhouses turned restaurants for fine dining. Think of the most perfect creams and cheeses you’ve ever seen. Think of beautiful and breathtaking landscapes [More]
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    Diamonds in Candles? Oui, oui!

    HOME It’s hard to be innovative when it comes to candles. It seems the most you can do is play with presentation, maybe come up with some interesting scents. Well, Popup Paris took it a step further and did the unthinkable. For every 50th candle they make, they include a diamond inside for you to find. [More]
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    Bonjour, 2015!

    HOME It’s that time of year. Time to take out 2014’s resolutions, see how far we’ve come and start setting new goals for 2015. Of course, everyone’s resolutions will be different, but here’s one we think everyone should have: start writing more. That’s right, pick up that pen or pencil and exercise that right to write. [More]