A Moment with Sophie Pfeffer


For Sophie Pfeffer, creativity and a sharp wit have always come naturally.

Ever since her childhood years in Paris, creating something unique she could call her own was something Pfeffer longed for. After successfully practicing law for 10 years, she decided to do something completely different, and voila! 5 octobre was born.

“I really loved that job,” Pfeffer says of her years as an attorney, “you have to be creative for that as well.”

Very much reflective of her own personality, Pfeffer has the independent, active, curious, refined, casual yet sophisticated woman in mind when she’s designing.

“Each collection is another story to tell, a journey,” she says. “One of my last collections are called ‘ICI et AILLEURS’ [HERE and ELSEWHERE] and ‘VOYAGE IMMOBILE’ [STATIONARY JOURNEY] which to me means you can always escape reality with a dream, you don’t need to go far away. Little things like that can make you feel good but we have to enjoy the present, too.”

Pfeffer is also quite the art enthusiast, and says she often draws inspiration from exhibitions in museums. When it comes to choosing her favorite artists though, she just can’t decide. “It’s difficult to mention only one artist. There are so many I love that inspire my work like Basquiat, Cy Twombly, Tomas Sarraceno and Subodh Gupta…” she says.

When she’s not concentrated on creating gorgeous pieces of jewelry, Pfeffer lets her curiosity run free by taking walks around Paris with her camera in hand. She especially likes to visit le Marais around rue de Bretagne, and if she has any chance to travel, you won’t see her hesitate to take it.

For more on Sophie Pfeffer and her unique collections, be sure to visit www.5octobre.com!

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