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A good look, no matter how elegant or laid back, is from head to toe, starting with your hair. Nobody knows this better than Parisian gal Myriam Keremane. Her luxury hair care brand, Myriam K Paris, has quickly become a hit in France since opening in 2003. Growing up in her mother’s salon, Keremane developed a love for beauty and hair care. Here’s what this young, determined beauty guru had to share with us.

Q: What made you decide to start your own hair care brand?

MK: Since I was always submerged in the world of beauty and hair care because of my mom, it was very natural for me to find myself professionally interested in these things, even when I studied law. When I realized I could not find hair products that met my own requirements, I started to create my own. It is a career I have chosen out of passion and I exercise it with love.

Q: Why do you think it’s important to have beautiful, healthy hair?

MK: For me, the beauty of a woman begins with healthy, beautiful hair. It’s seductive. Since the dawn of time, people will notice a woman with beautiful hair.

Q: What’s unique about your products?

MK: I design my products with passion and I always listen to what my clients want. I think that’s what makes them unique.

Q: What is your personal hair style?

MK: I love having long hair. Each month I cut one small centimeter off. I like trying different styles with it, but I usually prefer it straight.

Q: What do you like most about living in Paris?

MK: Paris is the most beautiful capital of the world to me. It’s a fantastic city where everything is possible and anything can happen. Everyone dreams of living in Paris and I have the chance to do it!

Q: How would you describe Parisian style?

MK: Chic yet casual.

Q: What is one hair product you can’t go without?

MK: My smoothing serum. I apply a few drops before I blow dry my hair so that it stays silky and doesn’t frizz.

Q: What are the top three styling tips you would give?

MK: For volume that starts from the roots I would say sprinkling some of my Matt Powder. For curls that last, after you’ve worked them with the curling iron, my Laque Luxueuse Medium gives them a strong hold without being sticky. For smoother, sleek hair, applying my Lissage Parfait when your hair is damp, will tame any kind of hair.

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