The Chicest of Keepsakes


We’ve all been there. We travel somewhere beautiful and we want to bring back a million things with us to remember it all and share it with friends and family, but nothing really seems worth it. Caught up in the heat of the moment, it’s easy to end up purchasing these things anyway, even if they’re a little disappointing. No city is immune to this occurrence, not even our beloved Paris.

But look on the bright side! Bons Baisers de Paris has made it their mission to change the course of Parisian souvenirs. All thanks to Emma, a true Parisian girl with a passion for her city and fashion who created Bons Baisers de Paris after having experienced the souvenir let down in her own travels.

Using fun French clichés (like croissants, for example) Emma creates t-shirts, sweaters, and accessories that are very much Parisian souvenirs, but in the chicest way possible. So now you know, high quality souvenirs do exist and we can’t help but love them. Oh Emma, won’t you spread your knowledge in other major cities of the world?

For more on Bons Baisers de Paris, visit their website at!

Bisous Bisous

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