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Sometimes she’s inspired by nature, sometimes by places she’s traveled, sometimes by interesting fabrics with unique textures. Charlotte, the mastermind behind apparel and accessory brand Charlotte Sometime, grew up in a small village near Angers among a forest of birch trees along a misty river. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? So, it comes as no surprise that this 33-year-old designer’s collections are constantly influenced by nature.

“I studied biology before deciding on fashion so you’ll often see a bit of an animal theme in my collections. Bears, owls, wolves, often animals of the night,” Charlotte says. Her love for nature is reflected in her often-neutral palettes as well, although she loves to play with unique materials like mesh. Her personal favorite accessory? A big, cozy scarf to curl up in, much like the ones she designs.

Having taught knitting and screen-printing for four years, Charlotte also appreciates the different ideas that every designer can bring to the table. “To delve into each project and to understand the different personalities and work with each designer is very rewarding. I miss it!”

And where does the name Charlotte Sometime come from? As a music lover and who enjoys attending concert halls in Paris, Charlotte Sometime pays homage to the song “Charlotte Sometimes” by The Cure. “One of my friends had burned an album for me by The Cure and signed it ‘Charlotte Always’ referring to the song. When I was creating the brand, I thought it was the perfect wink. There’s something poetic and mysterious in the name, I think.” We think so, too.

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